Are you thinking about hosting an event in your area?  Not sure how to get it off the ground?  Or maybe you have an event and need some help managing and growing it.  We can help!  We have established wonderful relationships with many communities and organizations, our expertise and dedication has created and grown some wonderful events.

Tournament Development:

Let's talk!  There may be a great opportunity to develop a tournament in your area.  We have the know how have the staff to develop something great!  Boys, girls, youth, high school, tournaments, festivals, showcases, we are open to all events. 

From selecting a date, location, format and focus, we can do it all. 

Tournament Management:

Tournaments are harder than people think!  Do you have an existing tournament that you need help with...always struggling to manage those table workers, or getting trash picked up?  Does the tournament struggle to run on time, or maybe there is just not a strong identity, focus or brand, we can work with you to make it great! 

We Are Growing:

Lax Bash Tournaments started in 2011 with a nine team tournament - we have grown into six branded events and have helped many others behind the scenes. We provide a high level service to our partners, teams, communities, and organizations.  If you have an event in mind we are looking forward to talking with you.  We are currently looking for dates and locations for 2016-2017.

Please fill out the form below to start our dialogue.  We will call you as soon as possible after receiving your submission.

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